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Jenny Jinya

Loving Reaper

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He is the last friend for those who are cast out of life. For those who have no place in this world. And all too often this is true for animals, cats, dogs, who do not understand that "their" people do not love them as unconditionally as they love them.
But nothing in life is without hope. Where one life ends, space is created for another. And sometimes even one is saved.

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In Anglo-Saxon countries, many animals end up in animal shelters, and many of them are euthanized. This practice has led the author Jenny Jinya to draw an internet comic. First "Good Boy", the story of a small dog, then "Black Cats". At the same time, Jenny's comics also show that death is not our enemy. That sometimes he can even be a welcome friend.

Print of the free web-comics "Good Boy" and "Black Cat".



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